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Elevate Your NetSuite Reporting

Acumen, agility, innovation. It fuels your business every day. And it’s what makes Oracle NetSuite the right choice for your ERP platform.

But as your business grows, so does the data you rely on. You need a better path to business insights. Orbit Analytics Cloud extends your NetSuite reporting to all of your other data sources, so you can make better, data-informed business decisions.


Unified Data Insights

Orbit gives you visibility into NetSuite and all of your other data, from on-premise and on cloud applications to spreadsheets and more – wherever it lives.


Compelling Visualizations

Achieve faster time to data insights with a complete library of data visualizations. Orbit’s intuitive interface makes it easy to build rich, interactive dashboards.


Robust Financial Reporting

Obtain more value from your financial data. Get timely, accurate insight into your financials to help you manage risk, promote savings, and drive business performance.

Enhance Your NetSuite Saved Searches

Make your NetSuite Saved Searches do more. Orbit gives them more power, to give you unrestricted visibility into all of your NetSuite data. You’re not limited to predefined views; in fact, your queries can combine multiple tables and even saved searches. The result: fast, optimized searches, with no workarounds or manual processes required.

Build Pixel-Perfect Reports

One place for all your reporting. With Orbit’s built-in Publisher, you can create enterprise-grade analytic reports and dashboards combining NetSuite with all of your other data. Rapidly generate your month-end reporting, and push output to Excel or any other template.

Create Interactive Analytics for NetSuite

Go beyond NetSuite’s native chart types to tell the story of your data using modern visualizations like maps and bubble charts. Our modern drag-and-drop interface makes analytic dashboard creation fast and easy for your entire staff.

Share Your Insights

Whether your team is across the globe or just down the hall, with Orbit you can easily share insights, interactive dashboards, charts and custom reports across your organization in just a few clicks. Robust report scheduling and distribution functionality lets you share data insights with all your team or your subsidiaries, worldwide. Orbit leverages your existing NetSuite security and authentication and allows you to extend reporting to users outside of NetSuite.

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